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Here's my Latest Work.

Ice Cream.

Named “Sweets” these products are not only sweet in their flavour, but sweet in the sense that each ice cream container reveals a sweet message to the consumer at the bottom of the container. The packages of “Sweets” ice cream products as well as their matching spoons, are made entirely from sustainable materials such as paper and cardboard.

Sustainable Packaging & Logo Design 


Exhibition, Branding, & Logo Design


Geo-ganic carries a visual story of the merging of geometric design elements with organic design elements, such as line, shape, colour, and pattern, throughout the exhibition. This design and art exhibition aims to reflect this concept and show illustrative design work, conveyed through the approaches of well known, graphic designer and illustrator Louis Fishauf and up-and-coming contemporary designer and illustrator, Jessica Fortner.

Thesis Project.

A circular economy as a promising solution to the environmental issues created by Canada’s plastics production system. However, the main problem with this the many Canadian residents that still remain unaware of this upcoming shift, how it will help them and how they can prepare for it. Created were: a nonprofit environmental organization showcased through an accompanying website for the business, an educational magazine created by said business, and finally a direct mail piece to aid in the advertising of the organization and its offered services for rural households in Ontario


Thesis Project 2020, Environmental Campaign, Magazine Design

Mangal_S_Image_03 (1).jpg

Mobile Application Design, UX/UI, Prototyping

Hero App.

The Hero app aims to raise awareness around the issue of mental health, as well as provide help to youth affected by the most common mental illnesses such as: stress, anxiety, O.C.D, A.D.H.D., and depression. All vector graphics and App Screens were designed in Adobe Illustrator, and a prototype of the app was created in Adobe XD. 


In a collaborative group project with three peers, the charity organization of GEARS (Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society) was chosen to be re-branded. My individual deliverables for this project were putting together an overview of brand guidelines book, as well as updating the social media presence of GEARS.

Nonprofit Re-brand, Identity & Layout Design


Graphic Design, Marketing Material, Layout Design 

KW Titans Print Design

Beginning January 2023, I had the opportunity to work in a graphic design internship position with the KW Titans basketball team, This job entailed working closely with the owners of the team to create new, bold and clean visuals while communicating with a variety of sponsors to create program guides for the season, in addition to posters, flyers, and other promotional material. 

Marketing Material

As part of the Marketing and Communications team at the YMCA, I Designed digital and print material to support clients of the YMCA. Updating and maintaining brand standards across a variety of projects, managing relationships with external suppliers to ensure that work gets delivered on time and within budget. 

Marketing Material, Print & Web Design, & Layout Design


Hi, I'm Sasha!

Graphic designer, especially interested in the areas of print & web, sustainable, and accessible design. 

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