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YMCA Marketing Materials

2019 / Marketing Materials, Maintaining Brand Standards, Layout Design  


In 2019, as part of my College Program's Co-op placement, I had the pleasure of being an Integral part of the Marketing and Communications team at the YMCA. In this department, I worked as the Junior Graphic Designer alongside the YMCA's Senior Graphic Designer, to design digital and print material to support clients of the YMCA. 


This Included; Design of print material such as business cards, Posters for Print & web, postcards, Brochures, social media/website banners & Imagery & some logo design. As well as, communicating with clients and working to get their marketing/design needs met efficiently.  I aided in updating and maintaining brand standards across a variety of projects, and managing relationships with external suppliers to ensure that work gets delivered on time and within budget. 

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