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DX Boundless Challenge.

2018 / Accessible Design, Illustration  

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This project was completed as a submission for the DX Design challenge titled “Boundless” which is aimed at students in post secondary programs of design or design-related programs. Creation of designs should be accessible and inclusive to the greatest number of individuals. This called for a significant amount of research and planning was required for this project around topics such as: the seven universal design principles, the requirements of Design of Public Spaces standards. AODA Standards, and Barrier-Free design. 

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This chosen concept for this project was to redesign a popular park in Toronto and make it more accessible/inclusive through the redesign of the park’s features, way-finding/path orientation, and any signage. The final deliverables for this project will be 5 full-colour elevation drawings of the redesign, created in Adobe Illustrator.

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Located in High Park, Jamie Bell Adventure Playground is said to be possibly the largest and one of the most popular spots for outdoor play in Toronto (High Park Toronto, n.d.). The playground was actually designed in-part by local children and their ideas of the best playground, however it is essential to consider the needs of children that have disabilities as well.

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Upon research of the playground, there were many ways in which the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground could be redesigned to be more accessible and inclusive, in regard to removing its barriers, incorporating new features, and adding high-contrast colour orientation pathways and way-finding, and using a more accessible material for the playground surface. Five different viewpoints of the playground were chosen to be re-designed and were reflected through the final deliverables of five elevation drawings in Adobe Illustrator.  

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