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February 2018 / Exhibition Curation, Branding, & Print Materials 

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Geo-ganic is a fictional exhibition that seeks to showcase design work in Canadian design, through the perspective of a historical designer and a contemporary designer’s work in the industry. It carries a visual story of the merging of geometric design elements with organic design elements, such as line, shape, colour, and pattern, throughout the exhibition.

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 This design and art exhibition aims to reflect this concept and show illustrative design work, conveyed through the approaches of well known, graphic designer and illustrator Louis Fishauf and up-and-coming contemporary designer and illustrator, Jessica Fortner. The art pieces that would be exhibited in Geo-ganic aim to show the unique connection of these two Canadian designers. Both artists share many approaches to design work such as their great uses of shape, pattern-like illustrations, and use of light, warm, and vibrant colours.


This project had a number of deliverables including; designing a brochure and ticket, designing internal and external signage, creating a floorplan and a scaled three-dimensional model of the exhibit, and curating the exhibit. 

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