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Thesis Project.

Thesis Project 2020 / Environmental Campaign, Magazine Design


In this project’s eight month journey, significant research has shown the concept of a circular economy as a promising solution to the environmental issues created by Canada’s plastics production system. however, the main problem with this the many Canadian residents that still remain unaware of this upcoming shift, how it will help them and how they can prepare for it.

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Delving into a more targeted audience, rural communities, and more specifically households, in northern Ontario, Canada are evidenced to be one of the worst areas for having little to no motive for recycling efforts. Due to perceived inconvenience and lack of proper infrastructure, they have little to no aid in this area.


This thesis project needed to, first, create awareness to instill motivation needed for the target audience, and then provide them with a means of further education and continued action of applying circular strategies and increased recycling efforts on their part through this transition.The design deliverables to support this solution entailed: the brand identity and creation of a nonprofit environmental organization showcased through an accompanying website for the business, an educational magazine created by said business, and finally a direct mail piece to aid in the advertising of the organization and its offered services for rural households in Ontario.

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CORU is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing environmental activism and awareness among Canadian citizens. CORU's long-term vision, is creating a significant change in the environmental issues currently faced in rural, northern Ontarian communities. Gradually changing the negative perceptions of recycling in these areas. To do this, the company has first created a three-step campaign to help its target audience which consists of: advertising, awareness, and action. This campaign then ties into the Magazine as well. 

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