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Sweets Ice Cream.

April 2018 / Packaging, Logo, & Visual Identity


A logo, name, and overall packaging design was created for a series of three fruit-flavoured and sustainably packaged ice cream containers that come with matching spoons. Named “Sweets” these products are not only sweet in their flavour, but sweet in the sense that each ice cream container reveals a sweet message to the consumer at the bottom of the container, when they finish eating their ice cream.



As ice cream is generally considered to be a comfort food, the objective of this these products would be that when a student that is dealing with the stress of managing their time with heavy workloads and upcoming school-related deadlines, they can be given a little positivity and encouragement to keep going.


In addition, the packages of “Sweets” ice cream products as well as their matching spoons, would be made entirely from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials such as paper and cardboard.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 3.23.47 AM.png
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